Week 10 Process Post: Use of Google Analytics

In this week’s and last week’s lecture, the topic on the use of Google analytics came up again with the idea of how it can be a tool to keep track of our audience. “What sort of audience do I want reading my blog?” and “how am I doing in terms of keeping the interest from my audience?” Those were the two main questions I asked myself when I first created my blog and is still something I ask myself when continuing to update it. Is it catered specifically to people who are into fitness? or can this be something that just about anyone can come to? 

Now that we’re 10 weeks into the semester, I honestly feel that the path I now want my blog to go in is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. A blog that people who have knowledge in fitness themselves can relate to, and also teaching someone who doesn’t really have a fitness background something new for them to be able to apply to themselves. 

As for Google analytics itself, I started using it last month (October) as I was curious to see if anyone actually stopped by the blog and checked it out. There wasn’t any traffic at all in the first week or two of October. So I shared my link up on my Snapchat story for my friends to check out and to see if the traffic would increase a bit. About a couple days later since I last shared my link on Snapchat, I checked back on Google analytics to see if there was any change in traffic, and by surprise there was an increase of approximately 30 page views in a span of 2-3 days. As the weeks have gone by, the page views continued to increase to about 80 views which eventually hit around 100 by the end of the month. Although, I’m not too sure if the amount of page views increases if the same person were to go on my blog multiple times or if it’s just based on how many people actually went onto the site. 

Maintaining a large audience was never really an issue to me as I never intended or expected this blog to be used as a main or even secondary source of income. Like Nicole Cliffe and Mallorie Ortberg’s situation from one of last week’s readings, where they had to let go of the “Toast” due to lack of income to keep it running. It got to the point where Cliffe “started making the company payroll from her personal account” which becomes quite bizarre as someone would want money in their own savings to increase rather than decrease. But if I were to implement the use of ads into my blog, it would obviously have to relate to my blog in a way. For instance, ads that retain to certain supplements. 

One key point that Cliffe and Ortberg make about The Toast in which I can also relate to with my own blog is that there was “no specific mission statement” for their website and it was simply defined by what they thought was either “funny or worth talking about.” As for myself, the idea of this blog to be able to share what I thought was worth talking about while being something I enjoyed at the same time, which is fitness. And of course, I hope to be able to have at least one person take away something from any of my posts in my blog and apply it in their lives. 

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